Meet our new Supervisory Council!
Elected in October 2023, their mandate is to work with our Decentralization Task Force, and of course with the SingularityNET community to produce the decentralization Blueprint, which will form the first iteration of the new Community DAO.

Read on to find out more about their responsibilities.

The Supervisory Council has been elected to steward the next steps in decentralization for the SingularityNET Foundation and community. The first Supervisory Council served primarily as an advisory body for the Foundation, but the role of the second Supervisory Council has been redefined by the community to include the role of representing the community and stewarding the creation of a blueprint for the decentralization of the governance of SNET. The vision of the founders is that the development of benevolent AGI should be governed by as wide a community as possible. Because AGI will impact everyone’s lives, the logic goes, everyone should have some way of impacting the development of that AGI.

The Supervisory Council elected in October 2023 will be serving for six months, from November 1 2023, through March 31, 2023. The three-member council includes two prominent experts in Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) and an expert in machine learning and AI--a well-balanced group representing the key capabilities required in the council.
The Supervisory Council is starting with a series of interviews with key participants in the community, to align the needs and desires of all participants in the SNET community.

The mandate for the Supervisory Council includes 4-8 hours per week and the compensation is as follows:
The SC will report to the community transparently about their activities and have regular office hours to provide support and hear the input from the community.
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