Meet our new Supervisory Council!
Elected in October 2023, their mandate is to work with our Decentralization Task Force, and of course with the SingularityNET community to produce the decentralization Blueprint, which will form the first iteration of the new Community DAO.

Xhoni Shollaj
Xhoni Shollaj, an adept Research Engineer and Lecturer, brings expertise in machine learning and blockchain development. Xhoni envisions a decentralized SingularityNET with a data-centric approach and a DAO leading dynamic token allocation. His domain knowledge extends to developing machine learning products, patent development in NLP and Deep Learning, and teaching top-tier master programs on tokenomics and smart contracts.
Grace Rachmany
Grace has a wealth of experience as a DAO designer and advisor. She founded DAO Leadership and co-authored the seminal book on DAOs, "So you’ve got a DAO." She has crafted over 100 whitepapers and led numerous workshops on new economy and governance structures. She has spoken at the SingularityNet Decentralization Summit and has contributed her expertise to several initiatives within the SNET community. Grace stresses the importance of clearly defining decentralization goals to ensure success, and she envisions a future where AI plays an integral role in DAO management.
Daniel Ospina
Daniel Ospina brings over 12 years expertise in decentralized governance and collaborative systems. As founder of RnDAO and former Head of Governance at Aragon, he has hands-on experience guiding DAOs from foundation to decentralization. Daniel would focus on stakeholder inclusion, participatory design, and bottom-up experimentation. He advocates starting with small pilots, rapid learning cycles, and scaling successes, and is committed to an inclusive decentralization journey for SNET.
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