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Here, you can find our upcoming events schedule, from community meetings to larger decentralization workshops and events.

We are pleased to announce that we are moving forward on our next decentralization steps. It gives us great pleasure to present our newly-elected Supervisory Council, whose appointment paves the way for the first iteration of our exciting new Community DAO!

Over the next weeks they will be engaging with the community to start creating a Blueprint design process.

Meet our three new Council members!

Upcoming events
Stay tuned for more decentralization events!

Past events
See the recording of the third collaboration workshop on the Decentralization Blueprint, with Grace Rachmany from the Supervisory Council!
The second collaboration workshop on the Decentralization Blueprint, with Daniel Ospina from the Supervisory Council!
See the first of three workshops run by the Supervisory Council to collaborate on SingularityNET's decentralization Blueprint! Facilitated by Xhoni Shollaj
Supervisory Council Community Session
The first AMA session with the newly elected Supervisory Council
AMA with Ben Goertzel on the Supervisory Council
Supervisory Council Election and Task Force:
From Blueprint to Full Decentralization
Find out about our first Decentralized Governance Summit from April 2023!
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