Welcome to SingularityNET's Decentralization Events page!
Breaking news
We are launching the new Supervisory Council election!
Here, you can find our upcoming events schedule, from community meetings to larger decentralization workshops and events.

We are pleased to announce that we are moving forward on our next decentralization steps. We would like to take this opportunity to present the Election call which paves the way for the first iteration of our exciting new Community DAO!

As an exciting start to the process, we invite you to learn about and take part in the upcoming Supervisory Council elections.
Upcoming events
We have some exciting events coming up in the next weeks!
Thursday 21st September
17:00 UTC
Ben Goertzel on the Supervisory Council Elections!

Past events
Supervisory Council Election and Task Force:
From Blueprint to Full Decentralization
Find out about our first Decentralized Governance Summit from April 2023!
Video coming soon!
Supervisory Council AMA
In this vital informational session, we introduced the upcoming Supervisory Council elections and answered crucial questions to do with SingularityNET's next steps towards decentralization.
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