Supervisory Council
Role Description
SingularityNET Foundation is commencing the election process to elect the Second Supervisory Council (SC) with a vote planned upon confirmation of the candidates. This Second SC appointment is very specific in nature as it is for a period of six months and focused on the creation of a Decentralization Blueprint.

The primary task of the three-member Second SC is to represent the Community within a Singularity Community DAO (SCDAO) Task Force, composed of three groups – the SC, Domain Experts and SNET Foundation. The SC will work in consultation with the Community and the other member groups of the SCDAO Task Force to produce the Decentralization Blueprint proposal within the stipulated time frame.

This 12-member, SCDAO Task Force reinforces SingularityNET’s ongoing efforts to become fully decentralized and community governed. This initiative will develop processes and create tools to realize an effective and resilient community-governed decentralized AI platform to allow for a free and unfettered AI. It will offer a chance to steer humanity towards inclusive, democratic and beneficial Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

More information on the creation of a Decentralized Blueprint and the role of the Supervisory Council can be found in the SNET Vote Announcement. We expect all candidates to be familiar with the contents of this document prior to submitting their candidacy. To avoid any risk of the Second SC defining rules and conditions that could be perceived as self-serving, SC members elected for this term cannot serve in another elected capacity going forward.

The overarching goals of the Supervisory Council are to:

  • Mediate between the Community and SCDAO Task Force
  • Ensure proper governance methods are defined and applied
  • Steer the organization towards a stable and sustainable future
  • To guard the alignment of the SNET mission and vision to develop a beneficial AGI, for the good of humanity and every individual
The Second Supervisory Council will be composed of three new members.

Application is via the Swae portal, and candidate profiles will be published on the website.

SNET will endow each Supervisory Council member and each expert with a fixed remuneration. In return it is expected that:

  • Each Supervisory Council member spend 4-8 hours per week on SC-related tasks as outlined above
  • There is an additional budget allocated that can be distributed among the experts by themselves, to compensate specific members for:

- Extra hours of work done
- Experience / knowledge / added value
- Any other variables relevant

The Supervisory Council will set up the terms and guidelines for the distribution of this additional budget among themselves, thus giving an example to the rest of the Community of executing self-governing processes. If so decided, the Supervisory Council can allocate this variable fund to additional, external experts.

Fixed Compensation:
The compensation is determined in AGIX tokens as a percentage of the monthly minted tokens. The table below gives a provisional calculation of the six months, based on an exchange rate of $0.18 per AGIX.

NB: SNET will set an upper limit to the dollar value of the monthly payments, to avoid excessive compensation schemes in case of sharp rising transaction values. These upper limits will be 150% of the calculated values below.

Based on 3 Supervisory Council members and 5 Domain Experts, the rewards are as follows:
SC Process and Compensation
Each Supervisory Council member and Expert will keep track of:

  • Time spent. A granularity based on half working days will be sufficient.
  • Activities engaged in
  • Outcomes / value-added

The Supervisory Council will be responsible for reporting on time spent, allocation of the
variable budget, and activities and outcomes on a bi-monthly basis. This will include the
time and activity allocations of individual members, SNET participants excluded.

The goal of this process is to ensure that the community has a clear view of the budget spent and value created and to ensure that the community is able to assess individual accomplishments and added value.
Accountability and Reporting
Budget for Additional Tools or Support
The total budget available for the Supervisory Council and related operations is 1.5% of the monthly minted tokens. During the Blueprint creation, we will temporarily increase this by 25% using the current balance of the SC wallet. This will add up to 1.875% of newly minted tokens. 0.375% of this is not newly minted, but comes from the existing balance in the SC wallet.

This 1.875% will be distributed as follows:

  • An equivalent to 1.125% of newly minted tokens is allocated to Task Force members (SC, Experts, and the variable budget)
  • An additional 0.5% is allocated to the Ambassador’s program
  • The remaining 0.25% can be allocated to support processes, people, or tools, based on consensus in the Task Force.
Candidates should strongly adhere to the values, mission and vision of SingularityNET as an important precondition: the creation of a decentralized, democratic, inclusive, and beneficial Artificial General Intelligence.

Furthermore, SNET expects each candidate to align to the requirements set out above, OR to clearly define where they deviate and based on what arguments they think they should still be considered for election.
We expect candidates to add value to the organization based on their demonstrable knowledge and experience.

Individuals that are currently under a contract with the SingularityNET Foundation for explicit services on a regular basis are excluded from participation in the Supervisory Council.
Next steps: How to apply for candidacy

Applications are now closed!

Please visit the Swae portal to view the candidates or see our Candidate Profile page.
Who can apply?
The voting period will start on Wednesday 11th October and will end after one week on Tuesday 17th October. The result of the election will be announced soon after voting closes, and the new SC will be a fact!

For people interested in joining the Task Force as a domain expert, you can submit your application on the Swae platform. There will be no voting process for this, but experts will be selected by the rest of the task force. This mission will remain open until the experts have been selected.
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